The Outdoors

I have collected a few of my favorite outside photos. I've tried to group them a bit. The idea isn't for perfect composition, but to show you amazing things I've seen. My favorites are the waterfire reflection, the spore-cactii, and the sleeping bat.

A church next to Brown campus, seen through the fence.

A photo from the Main Green of Brown's campus.

Taken on the border of New Hampshire and Maine.

A look at a mountain in Bar Harbor, Maine

This incredible bat was hanging out next to the door at J W Wilson.

A mesh of webs that holds the MUNI together in SF

Eucalyptus trees on Berkeley's campus

Another look at the eucalyptus trees

Look carefully and see through the tunnel while noting the above traffic.

Trees from home, pine in my backyard

Cactus: Amazingly leafy-green cactus at the Huntington Gardens

Cactus: Feels like a Myst scene, or the spores from Tass Times in Tonetown.

Cactus: I love the colors of this plant.

Cactus: I love them so much, I took a close up shot.

I've never seen another plant do this with their leaves.

Really cool tree trunks on CalTech's campus

An odd bird from home. I've always wondered what kind of bird that is.

Light reflecting off the water at waterfire.

Another view of the light, this time quite vibrant

Scituate: An amazing area, next to the Providence reservoir

Scituate: A view of the Providence reservoir

Scituate: This entire place just screams Myst.

Scituate: A beautiful climb to the top

Scituate: Part of the reservoir maintenance system

Scituate: Old reservoir building, with old equipment inside

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