Static Trapeze

The best way to explain static trapeze is through photos. I began taking trapeze at the SF Circus School (now called Circus Center) in the summer of '01. A friend and I own a static trapeze together, which is what I practice on now. I've taken a few workshops with the Gemini Twins in Vermont (mainly Serenity), and I hope to continue improving my skills. These photos are mainly beginner tricks I learned during the summer in SF. I hope to have new photos up in the next few months (we're moving the trapeze to a real practice space!).

Angel. It's a beginner level trick, with a very secure grip on the trapeze. Back Support. It's actually a fairly comfortable place
to be.
Candlestick. Bird's Nest. Ahh, arching your back. Crack! Crucifix. Flag. Most of my weight is being carried by my right hand. Neck Support (Amazon). The only things holding you up are a straight arm and a strong neck.


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