I think the first computer we had was a Commodore. But I don't remember it very well, I must have been three or so. The Apple IIe, however, I remember well. For some reason, my memories of it are intertwined with memories of the IIgs. Most of the games we had could be played on either. My favorite games from then were:

I learned a little BASIC on the IIgs... we had a booklet of games you could copy in order to learn BASIC. The only things I remember were numbering the lines, GOTO a line number, $'s deliniating variables, and END to finish the program. On the IIgs, I played:

Back on the IIgs, we had a zterm (or zterm equivalent) program that let us logon to local BBS's. I think we had a 1200 baud modem on the IIe, then a 2400 baud modem with the IIgs. My brother knew the numbers for local BBS's, and we'd call 'em. That's when I chose the handle Suneun, which is my middle name. My sister was CRaZeD SiSTeR and my brother was Sir Cultoa. On one BBS, I'd chat with the sysop (who had the handle Captain America), and on another I chatted with the younger brother of one of the sysops. The kid was my age, but I remember he typed much more slowly than I did. I learned how to touch-type during those BBS'ing days. I was 8.

Next we got an LC III. When I was 13, I discovered BBS's again. I found a number through a friend in middle school of Paradigm, a board run by Steve Smith (Shadow Smith). He ran a board when I was 8, that I used to call. Then there was a new board called Cyberlot that I began calling. The two competed for territory. Cyberlot was almost the renegade BBS, full of younger kids. I became friends with the Cyberlot crowd. Dark Knight was the SysOp, j-dog was the co-Sysop. Since my parents weren't overly enthusiastic with my BBS calling, I couldn't send Dark Knight money for an account most of the time (it was 10 cents an hour past the first 30 mins a day). Occasionally I'd sneak a $10 to him through the mail. After a while, he let me be a Hostess for the board. I helped people use Tele-Conference, Tele-Arena, and various other functions on the board.

I kept calling Cyberlot for years. I don't remember what happened at the end, whether Cyberlot went down or I just stopped calling. Some time around early high school I started using visi.net for Internet service. In the beginning, I think I checked e-mail once a week. By my senior year of HS, I logged on every day and used ICQ to talk to a friend at college. During high school we got a Umax 200 mhz.

When I went to college, I got a 233 mhz beige g3 desktop. The game I played the most on it was probably Starcraft. Diablo and Diablo II got some fair use as well. It's still in my bedroom, acting as a print server. Last year (? or the year before) I bought my mom an iMac. Blueberry. It's a low-end, but they don't need it for much. My mom websurfs many hours a day. They're aol users because it's easier than everything else. I've been considering getting them started on cable, but it's an aweful lot of trouble.

Now I own a 933 mhz g4 tower. It's awesome. I gave in and bought a 20 inch LCD from Apple this year. It's very pretty. I'm happy with OS X and I use Terminal all the time. Yey! The programs I use these days are MPlayer OS X, Terminal, Safari, Mail, Olympus Camedia (digital camera software), and SNES9x for nostalgia.