Clara Kim. What do I want you to know about me? I live in Providence, RI. My apartment's called ABC, named after the folks who live here.

I'm a Medical Student, first year. There are diary entries about my first year.

Most of my friends belong, or have belonged, to Technology House. I lived there during my sophomore, junior, and senior years at Brown. It's a good place, filled with nerds, wanna-be nerds, and nerd groupies. Like Brown itself, Techhouse gave you opportunities. It provided you with the materials for fun, you just had to provide the earnest motivation. Some of this motivation turned into Tetris on the SciLi in the Spring of '00. But just as important as the Big Project, are the little things. Lounging in a ball pit till 4 am, using the TH dremel to make my hedgehog a tower of playpen drawers, getting a friend to teach me shell scripting, and meeting more nerds.

The things that people associate with me are probably... medieval weapons, Apple user, hematite collector, beginner trapeze enthusiast, and a Dabbler. In terms of personality, the terms I like to associate with myself are spontaneous, hyper (though I must admit a decline in energy these last few years), cheerful, wacky, weird, talkative...

I guess I ought to explain the Gabe gallery at some point. I met Gabe Maze at CTY in the summer of '96. He and I took Genetics together. We became very close during the last week of the session. We kept in touch through e-mail, and I met Ezra through him. In January of '97, he was hit by a car that ran a red light, and was killed. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings about it all... It's very complicated. But I've kept a photo of Gabe on my desk since he died. I've written countless things and thought countless thoughts. It's very important for me to share photos of him. If you knew Gabe, but don't know me, feel free to contact me and say Hi.